Interim Management and Monitoring




Animal Health


2010 - present

Farmabase Saúde Animal, headquartered in Jaguariúna, is a leading national company in the production of medicines for animal health, in the poultry and swine industry in Brazil, and is reference in treatment and control of diseases. The company provides a portfolio of products directed to the maintenance of animal health and in fully conformity with the technical and regulatory demands of the poultry and swine world market.

Services provided:

  • Advisory on the purchase of 100% of the company shares

  • Structuring the Financial Management Model

  • Participation in the Board of Directors

  • M&A buy-side advisor


  • No strategic alignment between the company's founding partners

  • Low level of Corporate Governance

  • Lack of strategic map 


  • Implemented independent external audit 

  • Adoption of Best Management Practices

  • Creation of management performance indicators and management reports

  • Creation of rigid monitoring and reporting routines (Management Committees)

  • Participation in the definition of the strategy, which allowed a strong annual growth rate

  • Creation of the Long-Term Compensation Model for alignment of interests and retention of the main Managers

  • Structuring of internal processes



  • Revenue grow by 7x in the last 8 years

  • Acquisition of a company in Argentina

  • Leading position in the poultry and swine industry in Brazil

  • Results-oriented organizational culture

  • Implementation of high corporate governance practices