Interim Management and Monitoring


Grupo Notre Dame



Health (Health Insurance and Hospital)


2014 - present

The NOTREDAME INTERMÉDICA Group is one of the largest medical insurance conglomerates in Brazil, with more than 3.6 million beneficiaries.

Services Provided

  • Interim CEO focused on making the transition from a family management to a professionalized one. Implementation of corporate governance and improvement of management tools were some of the initial moves. Project duration of 3 months

  • After the transition phase, Setter started to work with the CEO, CFO and other managers in the creation and improvement of financial and operational controls, company´s results analysis for investor reporting and with the evaluation of current and new business lines 

  • In addition to management support, Setter advises the company in buy-side M&A projects and subsequent post-merger integration of the acquired company



  • Family business, low rigor with corporate governance

  • Complex operation, multiple companies and businesses under one management

  • Regulated market

  • Market in process of consolidation and increasing competition



  • Professionalization of the management

  • Development of financial and operational controls

  • Increase of analytical capacity

  • Greater assertiveness in decision making 


  • EBITDA multiplied by 4.5x from 2014 to 2017 

  • Eight acquisitions concluded

  • Post-merger integration of acquired companies