Interim Management and Monitoring


Intervalor /

Grupo Bertelsmann


Financial Services (Credit BPO and Collection)


2010 - present

Founded in 1999, it is one of the leading companies in Brazil specialized in solutions for credit, collection, backoffice and customers relation.


  • Interim CEO focused on the company turnaround, margins increase and company expansion. 2-year project, renewed for an additional year for transition and participation in the Advisory Council.

  • Participation in the Advisory Council since 2013 and strategic management focused on preparing the company for M&A sell-side process, which resulted in the sale of minority shareholders’ stake to the German group Bertelsmann / Arvato.



  • Family Business

  • 3 years of consecutive losses

  • Unbalance between Cost vs. Sales 

  • Main executives demotivated

  • Lack of meritocracy culture

  • Infrastructure with idle capacity 


  • Professionalization of the Management Team

  • New organogram implementation

  • Management focused on key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Termination of the operations with low margins regarding clients, regions and segments

  • Implementation of rigid routine for monitoring & control and financial reports

  • New variable compensation for key managers

  • Company preparation for M&A and due diligence processes 

  • Integration of the Directors Office and the Board of Directors with German group Bertelsmann/Arvato


  • EBITDA increased by 5x after 24 months of Setter’s entrance

  • Conversion of a negative Net Income into positive, with net margins higher than the market average

  • Implementation of management committees and corporate governance best practices

  • Strategic alignment between company’s departments

  • Result-oriented culture

  • Successful shareholders’ stake sale for the Bertelsmann / Arvato Group